Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Grown Up Ice Cream Float

Not that ice cream needs to grow up, but if you like beer and you like ice cream, you'll love this chocolate stout and ice cream float.

Rogue chocolate stout + French vanilla ice cream = deliciousness.
Just pour some chocolate (or triple chocolate, if you're feeling especially awesome) stout into the bottom of your class and add a large scoop of ice cream. Then, add some more beer and top with a generous portion of ice cream. Delicious! Cute paper straws from Etsy and float glasses (I think—does anyone know what kind of glasses these are?) from the Goodwill don't hurt either.

We've made this with French vanilla (pictured above), salted caramel and coffee ice cream, so as long as it pairs with chocolate, it's probably going to be good. 

Don't let the idea of a beer float discourage you—it's chocolate, after all.

This is Andrew's favorite dessert, so if your husband is anything like mine, file it away for a birthday or Father's Day meal. (We celebrate Father's Day because we have dogs ... is this odd? One year, the dogs sent Andrew on a scavenger hunt for gifts, replacing some of the items they'd eaten over the course of the year, including things like a pork chop and earbuds.)

What's your take on a childhood favorite? Have you used beer in a dessert? Or for cooking in general? Do tell!


  1. are you find chocolate stout at a regular grocery store or did you have to go to a speciality alcohol store? these floats look really yummy

    1. I bought ours at a speciality beer store (they didn't have a six pack, just one of those really big bottles) but we don't have great grocery stores, just Wal-Mart and Kroger. You may be able to find a bottle or two in a pick six if you have a better store.

  2. Um..yum!! This looks like a fabulous dessert! Adding to my list!!

  3. I bet Charlie would love this! He loves beer and ice cream! We may have to try this soon!

    Also, if you celebrate Father's Day, do you also celebrate Mother's Day? Because I have been saying for years now that I should get Mother's day gifts (especially now with 2 boys!) but it has yet to happen...