Thursday, April 18, 2013

5 Things I'm Loving: April Edition

How is it already halfway through April? Time flies in the spring and it's about to pick up big time in this college town. We've got a music and art festival and 10k in town next weekend and then it's time for finals, commencement (if only I was graduating—I'm one year into my three-year, part-time MBA plan) and then, finally, a much-need vacation before a June full of statistics night classes! So since we're well into the month, here are a few of my April loves.

First, monogrammed mint julep cups!
$46-$50 for set of 2

Specifically I want a mint julep cup so that I can make this Concord grape mint julep from Garden & Gun. I have literally wanted to make it for years, since I saw it on the cover of the magazine but you can't make a mint julep without the proper accessories!

Image via

2. Floppy straw hats
Pretty sure I'm going to pick up this $8 colorblocked hat from JCPenney today. It comes in white, black, brown, orange, pink and turquoise, and did I mention it's only $8? This is perfect for hitting the beach this summer.

 3. Cilantro
 We just bought some cilantro plants for our salsa garden and it Where do you stand on the cilantro debate? Love it or hate it?

4. Tortoise shell sunglasses
This one is kind of a cop out because I already have a pair of tortoise shell wayfarers, but they're a couple years old, scratched and gnawed on (by dogs of course) so I've got my eye on these pairs:
Tory Burch cat-eye sunglasses in spotty tortoise
Light Havana Ray-bans

 But the best part of April? 
5. Spring itself, of course! 
Spring flowers, thunderstorms, sunshine, warm weekends, after-work runs, dog walks—I love it all.
(Even though three bugs hit me in the eye on my after-work jog, which was really gross.)

Who doesn't love a daffodil with a beagle in the background?
What are you loving about April? The list could go on (neon, neon, neon) but I have to fold clothes mountain, which is the large pile of clothes that has amassed on our dining room table. It has been sitting there since Sunday. (Remember, our table has no chairs. However, while this seems like a good excuse I am told it is not.)

Happy Thursday, everyone!


  1. I love those mint julep cups!! They are too cute!! And I want a floppy hat too, but monogrammed. Because everything should be monogrammed. And I love those Tory Burch sunglasses.

  2. I LOVE cilantro! But we've never been able to get it to grow in our garden before. It does okay for a little while and then dies. If you have any tricks to getting it to grow I'd love to hear.

  3. I love cilantro. My husband hates it. Some years I have luck growing it and other years I don't.

  4. That mint julep looks fabulous! :-)