Monday, June 3, 2013

Goodbye May, Welcome Summer

I slacked on blogging in May, so here's a little recap of what we've been up to!

1.) Sawyer Sunshine turned three on May 4! He celebrated with a piece of dry toast, crusts cut off. (His favorite.)
2.) I took a selfie on my 26th birthday with the toilet in the background. It felt appropriate. Someone please teach me how to accessorize!
3.) Exam week consumed my life for a little while. Now I'm in my June session statistics class, which is also consuming my life!
4.) In lieu of a birthday cake, we had birthday oysters on May 9th and rang in 26 at our favorite restaurant.
5.) Graduation weekend is a perk of living in a college town. An exhausting weekend to work, but you can't help but feel the excitement. 
6.) On May 18 - 25, we spent a week at the beach with friends to kick off summer!
7.) Rainy days at the beach mean manicures, pedicures and outlet mall shopping.
8.) Awkward prom pose is a great way to hide the bulge after a week of eating, drinking and laying on the beach.
9.) Apparently, May was full of seafood. This steamed crab was delicious.
10.) This fried crab was really good too.
11.) We had a shrimp boil in our ocean-front condo the second night at the beach. Delicious.
12.) Sunset the last night at the beach. We got home Memorial Day weekend just in time to pick up the dogs from boarding. I spent the rest of the weekend studying for my summer session class while Andrew watched Army Wives. (Don't ask!) 

How was your May? Are you looking forward to summer? I cannot believe it's already June!


  1. Looks like a good May! Other than the studying and school... Why am I not surprised Andrew watches Army Wifes...

  2. How much fun! The beach sounds like the perfect way to kick off the summer :)