Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bringing home bar cart + life with dogs

Remember this $35 bar car from IKEA? I couldn't stop thinking about it after I saw it all set up in the Atlanta store, so I ordered it in early May. It came in pieces, as IKEA items tend to do, but Andrew put it together while I was studying for my final and we are quite pleased with it! The quality is good for a $35 bar cart, but the drawer sticks quite a bit. I didn't even know it had a drawer and we don't really use it, but it does have some issues there.

We ended up putting our cookbooks on the bottom shelf, because glassware and dog tails don't quite go together. It sits in the corner of our dining room area and may eventually become a coffee cart. We also recently scored a new living room rug at Tuesday Morning for $60—usually, we don't find such deals like this. Allow Sawyer to model the rug for you:

It's indoor/outdoor, which we hope will hold up with the dogs a bit better! If you have indoor pets, do you have any tricks to keeping your house looking nice (besides sweeping constantly)? I've learned that it is probably best to match your floors to your dogs—our dark wood shows every Sawyer and Ham hair!

(P.S. - Please ignore the two-toned outlet next to the cart ... we're working on switching all of those out!)


  1. Your bar cart looks adorable!! Good thinking putting your cookbooks on the shelf. Every so ofen Scout gets dangerously close to killing something on the bottom shelf of ours.
    I have no tricks for life with the boys. We live in a constant state of insanity, dog hair everywhere and stuff all over the place... They like to drag things around.

  2. Hey, I couldn’t find an email address. Would it be possible for you to email me so that I can ask you a question?